Rolex GMT Master II 116713-LN-78203 Clean Factory Yellow Gold

$934.00 $623.00

  • Brand Rolex
  • Range GMT Master II
  • Model 116713-LN-78203
  • Gender Mens
  • Movement SWISS ETA3186 Automatic Movement
  • Case Size 40 mm
  • Factory Clean Factory


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Rolex GMT Master II 116713-LN-78203 Clean Factory Yellow Gold Replica Watch ceramic bezel font details comparison, 12 o’clock triangle part, top corner, bottom corner part, sharp corners are all rounded. Consistent with the original. For the font part, the depth is only one aspect. The original process is that the bottom of the font is all vertical at 90 degrees to the straight body of the font. To achieve this effect, only the mold can be integrally formed. Laser typing will have beveled edges, as well as rough shading and chipped edges. and a series of questions. The font depth is the same as the original, sinking 0.13mm. In addition, the edges of the font are rounded and polished. The electroplating color is also digitally debugged. Most of the colors on the market are pure gold, and the genuine ones are slightly red. Visually speaking, it will be much more comfortable. The appearance of the case is made of 904L case body, which perfectly restores the entire shell shape of gmt and corrects the feel of gmt turning. Crown The head part also shows, embossed crown effect. The Rolex GMT Master II 116713-LN-78203 Clean Factory Yellow Gold Replica Watch uses the same 3186 movement as the original. The bottom cover part is also the same as the original, polished, brushed, and the bottom of the case is brushed. The fit of the bottom cover and the case is almost the same, and the gap between the head and the case can be compared by yourself.

Special reminder: Once the watch is worn, if there is a quality problem, it can only be returned to the factory for repair and cannot be returned. Because once the watch is worn, there will be obvious traces. Even if it is only worn for a while, such a watch will become a second-hand watch and cannot be sold again. Such a Replica Watches factory will not return it to us. Only return to factory for repair. As long as it has been worn, there will be traces and cannot be returned, so I suggest you again, you must test it carefully before wearing it.